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 The little veterinary surgeon

The veterinary surgeon and the humans


ISBN: 3-9808914-7-X

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As an alone-educating father Dr. Ibrahim Bekheet united mother and father in a person for his two children. He accompanied them by theier childhood and puberty and created again and again tu wake their attention, to sow curiosity and to educate them to independently thinking humans. With mysteries, fables and stories he energized them to arrange their life way free from prefabricated opinions, to enjoy advertisement and Suggestion with caution and develop a healthy justice feeling.

Dr. Ibrahim Bekheet united many of this wisdom in his book "The little veterinary surgeon".  He describes the life way of a young man, who goes away after his school examinations in order  to find the place in the world  where he feels well, in order to look for the tasks, which he can solve to reduce the poverty. Strokes of fate throw him back, but the author shows clearly, how one can free oneself from different difficult situations again.

"The little veterinary surgeon" is a novel, which with pictures and fantasy comparisons, which withstands color-glad narrations from the Orient. Bright nature and descriptions of situation shift the reader into the world of the novel hero. Intensive dialoges describe difficult connnections, which unite at the end of each chapter to a multilayered wisdom. The novel captivates by soberness and creates with fantasy picture language, at any time the purchase to the realtity - to the today's world. The reader goes encouraged and strong out of the reading, which he can put not rather from the hands, before he did not read the book to end, before the solution of the hero is not described.

"The little veterinary surgeon" is an written adventure full of fantasy. It acts of the life of a young man, who by wrong, love, pain and despair, disappointment and faith through, fins the way to the light of wisdom. I would like to invite you to accompany Luis, in order to laugh and cry, to hope and find, what we all wish of the life: Intensity.

Ibrahim Bekheet




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