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Who is Bekheet?
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Dr. Bekheet


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 Who is Bekheet?

Is he the wise man or the crazy man?

Is he an itelligent man or a stupid man?

Is he the lecturer and Dr. of philosphy or the veterinary surgeon?

Is he someone who knows much over herbs, can he cook well or does he tell it only?

Is he a good person, a good father or does his destiny have him to this made?

Is he a good storyteller or does he dream it only?

Is he a sad man or a funny man?

Is he a modest man or a stupid man?

Who is actually Bekheet?

Bekheet is all and nothing.

Bekheet is like a raindrop falling in the sea.

The water not become any more and if the drop evaporates and goes back to the sky again, it not get less.











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